The importance of recycling aluminium

TLDR; Aluminium can be recycled forever. and the process can be repeated over and over again

We made a very conscious decision to use Aluminium tins for Pitt Balm. Why; Because aluminium can be recycled forever. It can be melted down and reformed without losing any quality, and the process can be repeated over and over again.  Recycling aluminium saves around 95% of the energy needed to make the metal from raw materials.

The drinks can you recycle today could be made into a new can, filled and put back on the shelf in just 60 days. In a whole year, that one can could be recycled six times, saving enough energy to make 160 new cans.

Most councils in the UK offer a household collection service and the recycling rate for aluminium cans in 2017 hit its highest level ever, at 72%. This figure is set to rise further as recycling becomes the norm not just at home, but at work and ‘on the go’ as well.

If you are unsure what you can recycle, you can enter your postcode at the Recycle Now website to find out which materials you can recycle from home and where recycling banks are located in your area.

There are some materials that may seem like aluminium but are actually made from a plastic. Crisp packets are the min culprit here. To check if it’s aluminium, do the ‘scrunch’ test. Scrunch the foil in your hand – if it stays squashed in a ball it is foil and can be added to your recycling. If it bounces back open it is plastic and needs to go in the rubbish bin.

Please rinse foil trays before recycling to remove food residue. This reduces smells and prevents other materials in the recycling becoming contaminated and attracting pests. To save water trays can be rinsed at the end of the washing up.

Only recycle empty, used up aerosols. Do not attempt to pierce or squash them. If you can, remove the plastic cap and nozzle; but this is not essential.

Once you are finished with your Pitt Balm container, please rinse it with hot water, remove the stickers if possible, and then add the containers to the rest of your recycling.

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