We’ve joined Sourceful Climate

PITT BALM has joined Sourceful Climate in a bid to create a better future by permanently removing CO2 from the atmosphere. Our planet needs us to take radical action against climate change. We’re dangerously close to hitting our limit for CO2 in the atmosphere. This would mean we miss the planet’s climate targets. However, we have the opportunity to fix this.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Sourceful Climate, to help fund the development of critical technologies that remove CO2 from the atmosphere

The 3 projects we are supporting are at the cutting edge of carbon removal but need the support of businesses like ours to scale and reach their potential. We believe we have the opportunity to turn back the clock on the climate crisis, but no single person, organisation or technology can do this alone.

The Climate Story

Since the industrial revolution we’ve been burning significant amounts of fossil fuels and making changes to the way land is used (such as large-scale de-forestation). About half of these anthropogenic emissions (originating in human activity) accumulate in the atmosphere and have caused the planet to warm. This is the greenhouse gas effect.

Scientific consensus tells us that we must limit global warming to 2, or better 1.5, degrees this century. If we fail to do so, we drastically increase our exposure to extreme weather with far reaching consequences for the whole planet.

The world’s carbon budget is fast running out, making this an increasingly difficult challenge.

Dramatically reducing our footprint is essential to managing the climate crisis. We now know, however, that projects that remove CO2 from the atmosphere will also need to be deployed at a large scale this century to keep warming below dangerous levels. In fact, we need to scale up to removing 15 billion tonnes of CO2 each year.

To put this into context, removing all cars from the road equates to just 25%(3.6 GT) of 15 billion tonnes (IEA, 2018).

The technologies that can deliver this scale of permanent carbon removal are in their infancy. Researchers and entrepreneurs are working hard to build these technologies, but require Sourceful and other early adopters to shift the trajectory.

By teaming up with Sourceful Climate we now have the opportunity to help these technologies scale. To be a climate leader. To be an early mover in what is a critical solution to the climate crisis.

The Projects