PITT BALM: Introducing The All-Natural, Aluminium-Free Deodorant That’s Now Refillable

Single-use plastic for your deodorant? Now that’s the pits! Take a look in your bathroom and everything from your shampoo to your toothpaste will be made from plastic, before you even get to your deodorant.

We know how damaging single-use plastic is for the environment. In fact, it’s estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. We must act now to reverse the devastating effect single-use plastic is having on our ecosystems. But, how can we do this when so many manufacturers continue to use single-use plastic, for almost every product in our homes?

We are not suggesting you give up deodorant altogether, (after all, commuting on the tube is bad enough!) But, there is a better solution. Cue PITT BALM – refillable deodorants that are environmentally friendly, and completely free from plastic. They are also vegan and cruelty-free too!


PITT BALM is housed in aluminium tins. There are so many benefits to using aluminium over plastic. Firstly, it’s handy to pop in your bag or for travelling as it’s much smaller than regular deodorant. Its lightweight properties also mean less fuel is needed to transport the tins, plus it takes 95% less energy to recycle aluminium cans than it does to make new ones, according to Recycling Bins. Aluminium also helps keep the product fresh, which is why you will also find solid perfumes are made in aluminium tins too.

If you’re still not convinced, did you know that 1/5th of your total spend in a shop goes towards the packaging? From your conditioner to your ready meals – that’s a whole lot of money wasted on plastic that will ultimately harm the environment, especially if it goes straight into landfill. It doesn’t have to be this way! With refillable containers, you only pay for the packaging one time, instead of every time.

Available in 5 different varieties (including fragrance-free), our refillable deodorants are sure to be a crowd-pleaser! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @pitt.balm showing us which one you went for, and what you think about it! Share this post with a friend, and let’s help end the use of single-use plastic.

Our products are available to buy in our online shop, on amazon.co.uk or at the following locations:

Liberte Cherie – Notting Hill, London,
SWOP – Lee Green, London
Bulk Market – Hackney, London
Hetu – Clapham Junction, London
Bamboo Turtle – Hertfordshire,
Another Weigh, Penrith, Cumbria
The Refill Room, Leigh-on-sea, Essex
Okomoko – Farnham
Waste Not Want Not – Bridport, Dorset
HARM•LESS – Crouch End, London