Best Natural Deodorant For Kids

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If your child has gotten to the stage where they are starting to produce body odour, now is the time to introduce them to deodorant. You may ask yourself; what is the best natural deodorant for kids. However, pop down to any supermarket or chemist and the choice can be quite baffling. Is it really necessary to go for a heavy-duty ‘extra strong’ deodorant when they are still so young? Plus, you’re introducing them to a lot of chemicals on their skin from an early age. Hardly ideal.

Here at PITT BALM, all of our deodorants are aluminium free and have a natural, organic formula. This means they can help protect against body odour without using harmful, unpronounceable ingredients. The best part is our products are unisex and are suitable for both adults and children. So, when it comes to choosing a natural deodorant for your child, PITT BALM is an ideal choice.

Still, deciding which natural deodorant to choose? Here’s why PITT BALM is the best natural deodorant for the whole family, including kids who are just starting to wear deodorant for the first time.

Natural Deodorant In A Tin

At PITT BALM we house our natural deodorants in a tin. When choosing a product that’s suitable for kids, you can’t beat something that’s small, easy to store as well as open. For example, if your kids love to play football it would be easy to pop a tin in their kit bag. As our products are all twin packs, they can have one for school and the other for home use.

Another benefit of using a tin is that you can avoid plastic. If your kids are starting to use health and beauty products, encouraging them away from plastic is a fantastic habit. After all, it must be pretty frustrating to learn about the damage plastic is causing to our environment at school, only for parents to then be giving them plastic products at home. With PITT BALM, there is a better alternative!

Aluminium Free Deodorant

When our kids are babies, we look for the most gentle of products to use on their skin. Yet, when they first begin to sweat we suddenly throw all these chemicals and ingredients at them. One such ingredient is aluminium, which is in the majority of deodorants use, but not ours here at PITT BALM. If you are keen to find an aluminium free deodorant for your child, then natural deodorants are the way to go.

Where To Buy Natural Deodorant For Kids